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Image Rudolph Diesel Stamp
German Stamp Depicting Rudolf Diesel

Rudolph Diesel - the man

Rudolph Christian Carl Diesel
Born 18 Mar 1858, Died 29 Sept 1913

Image Rudolph Diesel
Rudolf Diesel

During his lifetime Rudolf Diesel excelled at scholastic studies and in the practical application of these studies into engineering - a true Genius, with an ever creative mind.

He registered many patents, including the diesel engine.
Through his patents he managed to earn himself millions of marks.

Diesel was able to work long hours under extreme deadlines to develop and implement his ideas.

He recognized the genius of the Frenchman Sadi Carnot who pioneered in the field of thermodynamics. Carnot was basically ignored by his colleagues during his own lifetime, he died in 1832 before Diesel was born.

Carnot recognized the relationship between work and heat and described the principle of making an engine ideally efficient, which gave others a theoretical model to aim at.

Rudolf heard about his work, and with difficulty found a copy of the lone book he had published, studied it and was able to practically apply some of his ideas and incorporate them into the diesel engine.

image sadi carnot
Sadi Carnot - the father of thermodynamics

We acknowledge the genius of these pioneers, without whom this world would have been quite a different place today.

Now sadly though Diesel earned a great fortune through is creative genius - he nevertheless had the flaw of spending more than he earned, no matter how much that was, and eventually wound up in considerable debt when circumstances turned adverse in his life.
These circumstances and debt may have prompted him to take his own life by jumping ship while bound for England from France in September 1913.

Britain Upgrades its' type 23 Frigates
and fits MTU 12V 4000 engines

New MTU 4000 series Engines fitted!

MTU reports in its' Newsletter this month they have sold the Royal Navy 48 of its' 12V 4000 M53B engines which are being fitted in Britains' type 23 Frigates.

The upgrades are attending to several issues, among which are improved living standards for the crew and armaments additions and improvements that intend to convert the frigates from anti-sub specialist craft into all round combat war ships.

type 23 frigate
Type 23 frigate
image from MTU's news letter
MTU 12v 4000 engine
MTU 12v 4000 engine
image from the Croatia boat show

3D image of MTU 16v 4000 engine
MTU 16v 4000 engine
3D promotional image

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MTU 12v 4000 engine spec sheet
MTU 12v 4000 engine spec sheet
click image to download

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