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We provide engine specs and technical information for diesel engines.

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    Specs for diesel engines and technical data provided courtesy of Barrington Diesel Club	
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Key Engine Specs - Quick Engine Specs


Key Specs Concept:
Key specs are basically, the power and torque of the engine, the engine displacement, bore and stroke, the key bolt tightening torques (mains, con rods, and cylinder head), the compression ratio, a picture, if available, plus the dimensions and weight of the engine. It is a useful tool for anyone in the diesel engine business, and it is a recreation for anyone interested in engines. Quick Specs, or key engine specs, is a Free and open Service of Barrington Diesel Club and does not require membership.

When More than quick specs are required:
Quick Engine Specs have links to further specs for those who require more technical information like assembly clearances, a bigger range of bolt torques and workshop procedures. These further specs require membership or a window to access.

Changes in format:
Quick Specs will gradually appear with a URL to each engine model for each engine manufacturer and our original format of engine lists will be gradually phased out. This is basically because the lists were getting too long for easy website use. The range of manufacturers and engine models, however, will continue to grow, and more and more specs will become available for everyone, open specs and member specs.

Quick Specs
Engine Manufacturers: 
click on the manufacturer of your engine to get links to quick specs, 
open specs, member specs and manuals:
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   EMD       Komatsu      MAN      Mercedes   
  Renault       Scania       Terex   

Man am I impressed with you and Barrington diesel!

I need detailed 2-71 water pump specs please!

NV becomes a member to get specific information on the 2-71 engines but what he wants is not on the website.

.... I do not seem to find anything on the DD2-71. I need
the specs on the internal freshwater pump as per pictures I sent you. 
Please advise.

Image 2-71 engine
..... Now as regards the 2-71, we have many volumes of books which have not been
uploaded to the website yet, and the 2-71 is one of them. However, you are
a member, and as promised we'll provide whatever you request within
reason, so we'll create a pdf document for the two different versions of the 2-71
water pump, and you should have this latest tomorrow this time.

2-71 water pump manual extract
Hi Steve, 
man am I impressed with you and Barrington diesel! 
I have tried to coax out the DD2-71 info now for nearly 6 months
from various companies in USA. 
In a few days I have the precise info from you. And that from within
my own home country, RSA!! 
Thank you very much.

A short synopsis of my project;- I am renovating an antique[1960]
40 foot steel sail boat that was destined for the cut-up-yard. 
This is a hobby and not a high roller project. 
The DD2-71 came with it. 
The boat is on dry land at Sunland valley in Los Angeles California, USA. 

I am a RSA and USA coast guard licensed captain and eventually intend to
sail her back to Cape Town, RSA. This is the reason why I have to have all 
the very fine torques and tolerances of the engine, in case I need to fix 
it thousands of miles in mid ocean. 

Again, thanks for you diligence, resourcefulness and promptness.
Cheers. NV.

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Caterpillar Opens Order Book for it's 'Evergreen CAT Logo 3406C Engine'

It's no longer emissions compliant in Europe or Northern America, but it's fine outside 'emission-super-strict' countries at present. Other manufacturers are also still making their own 'evergreen engines' in Asia and other countries, e.g. you can still buy new Cummins BigCam IV engines from China for one.
CAT 3406C Marine Propulsion Engine These evergreen engines provide customers with an economical, dependable solution for their commercial marine vessels and don't have billions of $US R&D costs to carry, so obviously they are much more economically viable at present.

The 3406C propulsion engines with mechanical governors are available in either 272 bkW @ 1800 rpm or 298 bkW @ 1800 rpm. The engine is ideal for small to medium commercial fishing applications both offshore and for inland waterways.

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