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Basic specs are open to everyone and include images, displacement, dimensions and weight, essential bolt tightening torques, the characteristics of the engine like its power and torque.
Essential bolt tightening torques are the main bearing cap bolt torque, the connecting rod cap bolt torque and the cylinder head bolt torques.

Some Popular Engine Specs

We provide specs, manuals and technical information for diesel engines.

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Articles of interest on this page:

The Halberg-Guss group buy Atlantis Foundries, the successor of Atlantis Diesel Engines in Cape Town

Mercedes Benz sells Atlantis Foundries to Neue Halberg-Guss.

"On 30th June 2015, Atlantis Foundries (Pty) Ltd was sold by Daimler/Mercedes-Benz South Africa, to German metal casting group Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH who has a combined workforce of 2,500 employees in two production facilities based in Saarbr├╝cken and Leipzig."

Inside Atlantis Foundries near Cape Town
Another View inside Atlantis Foundries 
Download, non-watermarked, full size image

Atlantis Foundries date back to 1979

Sally goes on: "We continue to specialize in casting cylinder blocks for commercial vehicles and off-road installations for export to engine manufacturers in the UK, USA, Brazil and China, in addition to our on-site machining facilities. In the past, Atlantis Foundries also produced castings for the passenger car market."

We acknowledge and thank Sally Redshaw, Chief Commercial Officer at Atlantis Foundries, for her contribution to this article and for supplying us with the images.

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The biggest dump truck in the world

Working in the Siberian open cast Coal Mines

It's made in Belarus, Russia
The tyres are 4m high!
It has 8 wheel drive!
And it carries 450 tons.
It has two MTU 16v4000 engines.

16v-4000 MTU in the snow
a 16v-4000 MTU in the snow 
Click to get the engine specs
the Belaz 450 ton dump truck
the Belaz 450 ton dump truck
the Belaz 450 ton dump truck at work
The Belaz 450 ton truck at work

Ford automotive diesels converted for marine use

Princess37 speed boat
Princess37 speed boat 
A common application for the converted Ford engines.

Article by 
Chris Holness

I worked for Mermaid Marine Engines as Parts Manager for many years. Mermaid, in those days converted Ford automotive and industrial diesels for marine use.
There were several other companies around the world doing similar conversions ( Sabre, Parsons, Watermota, Lees Marine and Lehman engines to name but a few), while the Ford base engines were generally identical the way that they were converted to marine use meant that the various engines looked very different.

Marinisation in its simplest form is replacing air cooled items such as radiators and oil coolers with sea water cooled versions. Cold air replaced by cold water. Relatively simple concept which gets problematical because sea water (and fresh water) does nasty things to Marine Engines.

Ford engine marinised for the Princess37
Ford automotive engine 
- Marinised for use at sea in a Princess37 speed boat.

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Question from Danny
Hi Chris
I have a princess 37 with 2 ford mermaids.
Both engines were overhauled two year ago, start up there ok, little white/blue smoke.
On cruising half throttle all ok but full throttle big cloud of Black smoke.
Do you have any suggestions please?

Hi Danny
Sounds like it is a weight problem with the boat itself rather than the engines. Without more information like engine numbers and/or photos I will assume that these are the older 2704ET-INT or Majestic engines.

The clues are:

  1. White smoke on start up points towards the older 2700 series engines - they all do that when cold.....
  2. Being ok at lower revs says it is probably not injector, turbo or intercooler related. If it was one of those there would be symptoms through the rev range.

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   The right specs are priceless!

Jose writes from USA
Hello, I just decided to write you about your club and say thanks.

But saying thanks for the manuals is not enough.
Having the right specs for the engine you are working on in just priceless.


Volvo D12 workshop manual p1
Volvo D12 
workshop manual 
709 pages, Click image to download

Thanks Jose
Jose, is a member of the club and was referring specifically to the Volvo D12 specs that have just been released.

Thanks Jose, for your kind acknowledgments.
It's mental food to spur us on.

   The last chapter is never written

Eternal Updates
Constant updating ensures that the last chapter in any of our files or directories is never written.
We are constantly editing, updating and adding. That's one of the reasons that membership is so important.

Quality Improvements
We are never satisfied with the quality or download rate of any manual, and are continually seeking to improve our range, availability and service. Some manuals appear not to need improvement, while others definitely can do with some or are marked for replacement, as soon as something better comes along.
We always need to balance within the parameters of availability, price, size and speed of downloading.

New Additions
Manuals are frequently added to our library, some initiated by member requests, and others from the obvious need to improve the knowledge available for particular engine or range of engines.

What's not here today, may well be tomorrow, a poor quality manual today becomes a good quality one tomorrow. A large slow download today becomes faster tomorrow, new methods and procedures are continually tried and implemented.

   Example - Updates over a few days in Feb 2016

These manuals replace others for quality purposes or are in addition to other literature available for these engines.

Cummins 4 and 6BT operation and maintenance manual p1
Cummins 4 and 6BT operation and maintenance manual 
manual replaces former manual 
323 pages, Click image to download
Cummins 4 and 6BT troubleshooting and repair manual p1
Cummins 4 and 6BT troubleshooting and repair manual 
manual replaces former manual 
928 pages, Click image to download
Cummins 6CT workshop manual p1
Cummins 6CT workshop manual 
manual replaces former manual 
301 pages, click image to download

Detroit Diesel all 53 series parts manual p1
Detroit Diesel all 53 series 
parts manual 
manual added to collection 
74 pages, Click image to download
Detroit Diesel all 53 workshop manual p1
Detroit Diesel 53 series 
workshop manual 
manual replaces former manual 
Sections 1 and 2 
439 pages, Click image to download
Detroit Diesel all 53 workshop manual sections 3 thru 15 p1
Detroit Diesel 53 series 
workshop manual 
Sections 3 thru 15 
manual added to our collection 
559 pages, Click image to download

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