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boat with upside down engine - launched by Koningin Maxima
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Biogas is gas produced from organic materials like plant waste, animal excrement etc.

I intend to build a biogas plant on my farm - can I use biogas to run my diesel engines?

image gasrec station

In its usual form you cannot use low pressure biogas to power diesel engines.

There are experiments going on to do this, but to date the results have not been good.

In America and Europe biogas is getting converted to RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) on a very large scale.
RNG and  LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) can both be used to run diesel engines. 
Some garages in Sweden and Germany only sell RNG while others only sell LNG.

In short, you cannot use biogas to run your diesel engines, but you can use RNG if you can produce it from your biogas.

If you run on gas here, probably it'll be LNG from Sasol,
but there's no reason it can't also be RNG from your farms.

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From work to play - so everyone wants,
and this is exactly what this Detroit Diesel 12v92TI achieved:
image henkbilt   image 12v92TI in henkbilt   image 12v92TI in henkbilt  
And why not?
Now man and machine can have some fun!
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Her Majesty Koningin Maxima - launches the NH1816 Rescue Boat

MTU marine engine - Runs upside down!
If the boat capsizes it must right itself - like a kid's
rubber duck, and it does!
Of course this means the engine must carry on working      
when totally inverted without loosing a pulse!
Image of boat launch
MTU 2000 series marine engine.
The boat has two MTU 8V2000 M84L engines 
each producing 895 kW at 2450 rpm
The boat has a top speed of 31 knots.
Image mtu 2000 marine engine
Download the NH1816 Magazine extract
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 World Shipping Fair in Hamburg - Sept. 09 - 12, 2014

Image - World Shipping Fair

  The biennial Ship Building, Machinery and Marine Technology
 International Trade Fair will be held in Hamburg, Germany.
  We hope to bring you more news about it but especially of the diesel engines
to be exhibited at the fair, and of the engines to be used in the boats on display.

    Link to the Fair
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Oshkosh Choose Detroit Diesel
For their fire and rescue vehicles

Oshkosh Detroit DD13 Collage
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Man am I impressed with you!    
As regards Elusive 2-71 specs1
Image 2-71 engine
CAT opens 3406c Order Book    
      CAT 3406C Marine Propulsion Engine    
3406c Orders flowing in
from China    
Image - EMD 567 Engine

No One would help me!

Not a single dealer in the whole world
would help me with the
EMD 567 fuel consumption!

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