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Popular Diesel Engine Specs

Barrington Diesel Club Membership

Function of Membership
Membership at Barrington Diesel Club allows access to our complete range of manuals, diesel engine specs, bolt torques, assembly clearances and workshop procedures that are located in the 'members only' directories, within the category of membership you select.

Essential Engine Specs
Essential engine specs are open to all, we provide these as a general service and as a contribution to the diesel engine industry, but so much more is only available to members, as you would expect.

Some advantages of Membership
  • Access to "members-only" specs, bolt torques, assembly clearances and workshop procedures.

    You can access these via computer, ipad and cell phone. So the specs can be right with you when you're working. With membership you will have continual and full access to these sections.

  • You become part of the club

    Every club has members, some with different functions, all with some benefit. Members have the right to browse, view and download data and specs they want without further expense or charge.

  • Fun Browsing

    We want your browsing to be informative, useful, beneficial, educational and fun.

  • No waiting for specs

    Obviously when you need engine specs, torques, methods and procedures, you don't want to mess around filling in forms, setting up passwords, wait for payments to clear, and other procedures like that. You want your specs now, and now is right away. Once you are a member there is no waiting, simply use you user-name and password to log in whenever you want to or need to.

  • Membership keeps the site growing

    Grow our site, and that's your site and ours, put more and more on the web for everyone to use, enjoy and to benefit from, membership contributes to that goal.

  • Waiting has a price tag and time is precious

    At Barrington diesel club we intend for you to see more and more diesel engine specs on the web, with even more being available to members worldwide.

What does membership cost?

Full annual Membership
Full membership costs US $59 per annum. You get all the benefits described above for as long as your membership is valid.

One week Membership Windows
Membership Windows cost US $24 are open for one week. They entitle you to a particular range of specs and manuals for a 7 day period.

How can I become a member and pay for membership?

To become a Member
To become a member you:
 * click the 'Membership' Tag found on most of our web pages.
 * Click on 'Join Us'
 * Choose what type of membership you want.

Payment is through PayPal, simply login and pay.

No PayPal Account?
PayPal does not charge you to use its services. The merchants pay for these, and PayPal has options for you to pay with your credit card.

PayPal handles the universal nature of these payments well and is a safe way for you to conduct internet business.

After Payment

PayPal returns you to a page on which you will find your username and password. We suggest you record these and keep them in a safe place.

Please note:

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
If you want to change your username and password, that normally is not a problem as long as it is unique in our system.

How do I login in?

There's no place to login!
Your first login is contextual.

Simply click on something you need and a small form will be presented, a sample of which can be seen below.
At this stage enter your username and password.
Your browser will remember your username and password until your browser's memory is cleaned, after which you will be asked to enter your details again, for the next item you wish to download.

example of login form
Login form when Google Chrome is your browser

PDF help file
Click to download login PDF help file

Login problems

Problems are rare but they can and do occur for a variety of reasons.

Most frequent problem:
Username and passwords are case-sensitive.
Take care to use the correct case when typing.
If dashes are in your password it will be the minus sign and this forms part of the username or password.

The username and password page is missed when PayPal returns you to our site. Some brosers take a few minutes to fetch their mails, so watch out for this.
Please check your spam filters and take care when first being returned from PayPal.
If this happens you'll need to email us and we'll rectify it as soon as we can.

Still can't get in?
If you don't get it for any reason drop us a mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
We apologize for any troubles you may have, but human response is not as quick as computer response and it may take up to a few hours depending on varying time zones and sleep times in different countries.

How can I cancel my Subscription?

Cancellation is easy
With PayPal it is easy, simply stop the subscription in your PayPal account. You do not even need to ask us to cancel your subscription.

If you go, we are sorry to see you go, as we would of course prefer to resolve any issues you may have, before you cancel your membership with us. However if you are resolved to go, you can do so at any time.

Upon cancellation PayPal will advise us of your cancellation, and we will update the server accordingly. Membership and benefits cease upon cancellation.

To cancel membership
To cancel membership, you need to logon to your PayPal account, and cancel the subscription. PayPal provides you with a list of subscriptions you make or have signed up for, simply check the appropriate box to cancel.

After Cancellation
Membership and membership benefits end upon cancellation. If you want new manuals and material after that you will need to renew your subscription.

Additional Costs, Downloading Limits, Right to change terms

There are no additional charges for standard items
Members normally have no further expense after subscription unless manuals not currently in our library are specially ordered.

Members are free to enter the "members only directories" of the club, to browse around, view and download any items listed at leisure, for as long as their membership is current.

Additional charges for non-standard items
On occasion we are asked to obtain specs that are not in the club at present. We do attempt to obtain what is asked for, often these are added in the normal course of growth but there may be a charge for some items, depending on where we find them and how much we must pay to get them. In such instances a quotation will be given first.

Limits to downloading
Members are limited to downloading 10 files in any one day, 100 files in any one month or 200 files in any one year. This is considered more than adequate for most members, and if these limits are exceeded, you will need to apply for 'super membership (price on request)' and your normal membership may be terminated.

Right to change terms and conditions

We retain the right to change our terms and conditions when we deem it necessary to protect any or all of the following - our integrity, our site or site data, our files, or our information.

Barrington Diesel Club

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