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Basic specs are open to everyone and include images, displacement, dimensions and weight, essential bolt tightening torques, the characteristics of the engine like its power and torque.
Essential bolt tightening torques are the main bearing cap bolt torque, the connecting rod cap bolt torque and the cylinder head bolt torques.

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Detroit Diesel Oil analysis meanings and recommendations

Oil analysis for Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engines

The trace elements found by oil analysis in Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engines, in some cases, is quite different from the normal ranges found in 4-stroke engines, therefore special mention of the normal 2-stroke ranges is made.

Element Normal ppm Max ppm Excess indicates problem with
Chromium 15 20 Rings
Copper 15 25 Bushings, bearings, thrust washers
Iron 65 150 Liners, gears, camshafts
Lead 20 25 Bearing overlay material
Silicon 35 40 Dust, air leaks
Sodium . . Internal water leaks
Tin 30 40 Piston plating

Oil Recommendations:

Temperature Range

These recommendations apply within the normal ambient temperature range. For extreme cold, that is at temperatures below -32°C (-25°F), the oil recommendations change. - Consult your oil supplier for further advice.

OIL: For Detroit Diesel 2-Stroke Engines

Use SAE 40 Mono grade oil

OIL: For Detroit Diesel 4-Stroke Engines

Use 15W-40 multigrade oil.
There are no sulphated ash limits imposed for Detroit Diesel 4-cycle engines.

Changing oil & filters:

New Engines or newly overhauled engines:
first oil & filter change:
After 50 hours operation

Change oil every 150 hours
Change filters every 450 hours

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