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EMD 567 Engine specifications and manuals

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Your Diesel Engine Specs

Basic specs are open to everyone and include images, displacement, dimensions and weight, essential bolt tightening torques, the characteristics of the engine like its power and torque.
Essential bolt tightening torques are the main bearing cap bolt torque, the connecting rod cap bolt torque and the cylinder head bolt torques.

Some Popular Engine Specs

We provide specs, manuals and technical information for diesel engines.

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EMD 567 series engine specs, bolt torques, manuals

EMD 567 essential engine bolt tightening torques

Main Bearing Bolts 
500-800 lb.ft; 678-1085 Nm

Connecting Rod Bolt
200 lb.ft; 271 Nm

Cyl Head -
Liner stud nuts
290-300 lb.ft; 393-407 Nm

Cyl Head -
Crab nuts
1600-1900 lb.ft; 2305-2576 Nm

EMD 567 engine workshop repair and service manual, parts manuals, service tool manual

EMD 567, EMD 567C key engine specs

v6 turbo 2-stroke engine
v8 turbo 2-stroke engine
v12 turbo 2-stroke engine
v16 turbo 2-stroke engine

v6-567 55.8 liter; 3,402 CID
v8-567 74.3 liter; 4,536 CID
v12-567 111.5 liter; 6,804 CID
v16-567 148.7 liter; 9,072 CID

8.50 in, 215.9 mm 	
10.0 in, 254.0 mm

v6-567 600 hp, 447 kW @ 800 rpm
v8-567 800 hp, 605 kW @ 800 rpm
v12-567 1200 hp, 895 kW @ 800 rpm
v16-567 1600 hp, 1193 kW @ 800 rpm

FOR EMD567C add 7.5% extra power
to the above values

v6-567 15,660 lb; 7,118 kg
v8-567 17,970 lb; 8,168 kg
v12-567 24,660 lb; 11,209 kg
v16-567 32,106 lb; 14,594 kg

EMD 567 series Engines, Images

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