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Mercedes OM636 engine specifications and manuals

Diesel engine manuals, specs, bolt torques
Diesel Engine manuals and specifications at Barrington Diesel Club
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OM636 Essential Diesel Engine Bolt Tightening Torques


OM636 MercedesMain Bearing Bolts
58 lb.ft
88 Nm

OM636 MercedesConnecting Rod Bolts
27-29 lb.ft
36-39 Nm

OM636 MercedesCylinder Head Bolts
51-58 lb.ft
68-78 Nm

OM636 Diesel Engine workshop repair Manuals

Mercedes OM636 operation and maintenance manual p1
Mercedes OM636 Operation and Maintenance Manual, 38 pages

MercedesDesignationsGerman - English
A = Turbocharger = T
L = Intercooler = I
OM = Diesel engine = ADE

OM366 = ADE366N
OM366A = ADE366T
OM366LA = ADE366TI
OM442LA = ADE442TI

OM636 Diesel Engine Specs


OM636 MercedesDisplacement, bore, stroke, compression ratio
1.767 liter

75 mm

100 mm

Compression ratio
6BT marine engine 19.0:1

OM636 MercedesArrangement
4 cylinder in-line
turbo intercooled

OM636 MercedesPower
31 kW, 42 hp @ 3500 rpm

OM636 MercedesDimensions and weight
Length 700 mm
Width 515 mm
Height 705 mm

158 kg

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